Johann Strauss Ball in Vienna with Festive Dinner

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  • Available: Jan 27
  • Depart from: Vienna, Austria
  • Duration: 5 Hours 30 Minutes
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Enjoy this unique experience of the true Viennese Ball. Dance classical and modern dance accompanied by the orchestra "Salonorchester Alt Wien". Take the opportunity to see the festive atmosphere and the midnight show. Taste Viennese specialities

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  • Day 1 Vienna
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Day 1 Vienna

The Johann Strauss Ball will continue this tradition on January 27th 2018 when the Kursalon will open the doors for its splendid annual ball night where you can enjoy the historical atmosphere of the building. Enjoy this unique experience in all of our four saloons, each are characterized by the elegance of the building.

Between 1865 and 1867 Johann Garben constructed the Kursalon at the edge of Vienna City Park in Italian Renaissance style and thus in the purpose of Historicism. It was in this historical building, situated closely to the famous statue of Johann Strauss, where the Strauss brothers celebrated some of their biggest accomplishments. Thanks to events, such as dances and promenade concerts, this house has always been filled with the magical atmosphere of the Viennese waltz and "joie de vivre".

The "Salonochester Alt Wien", led by Professor Udo Zwoelfer, is one of the best known interpreters of classical Viennese music and manages to make the most impressive compositions by our "King of Waltz" Johann Strauss and the primary representative of Viennese music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, even more unique. Our virtuosic musicians, excellent opera singers and enchanting ballet dancers present an evening full of Viennese charmincluding spirited sounds of waltz, polka, arias and duets, as well as operetta and concert solo pieces at the highest artistic level possible.

A Menu:
Starter: summer
Avocado-lime tartar on marinated Quinoa
humus, seasoned baby spinach with mango dressing
Main course: autumn
Medium grilled sirloin in sweet potato pastry
shallot confit and sugar snaps-tomato vegetables
Dessert: winter
Cherry dumplings in ginger bread coat
with amarena foam
cherry sorbet with mint

B Vegetarian menu:
Starter: summer
Avocado-lime tartar on marinated Quinoa
humus, seasoned baby spinach with mango dressing
Main course: autumn
Vegetable & tofu lasagne with
tomato-basil confit
Dessert: winter
Cherry strudle and cherry sorbet with mint

Between 7 and 8.30 pm the following unlimited drinks are included in the ticket price:
Sparkling wine (1 glass), unlimited white wine, red wine, beer, nonalcoholic drinks

Program of the evening:
06.00 pm Admission
07.00 pm Gala Dinner (3 courses, From 7.30 pm ticket only guests without reserved seat and table)
09.00 pm Ball opening
Guest: Karl Hohenlohe
Show acts with Ballet
Official Ball opening with the Dancing school Chris
12.00 pm Midnight surprise
00.15 am Midnight Quadrille
04.00 am End of the Ball
You will be entertained by the "Salonorchester Alt Wien" and a selected ensemble. (The right to make alterations
is reserved)

*Return time is an estimate and varies based on traffic and weather conditions.





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