1-Day Jerusalem Tour - In the footsteps of Jesus

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  • Available: Tue, Fri
  • Depart from: Netanya, Israel; Jerusalem, Israel; Tel Aviv, Israel; Herzliya, Israel
  • Duration: 9 Hours
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This day tour in ancient Jerusalem takes you to visit some of the most meaningful sights related to Jesus during his days in Jerusalem.

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  • Children under the age of 5 are not allowed on this tours for safety and insurance reasons.

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  • Day 1 Footsteps of Jesus
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Day 1 Footsteps of Jesus

Guests will be picked up from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv hotels in the morning. We will embark on a tour of Jerusalem that has been specifically designed to visit sites that are remarkable in their connection to the life of Jesus laid out in the New Testament. Our first stop will be the summit of the Mount of Olives.

Next, we will visit the Site of Mary's Assumption into Heaven, as well as the Church of the Pater Noster, located on the spot where Jesus taught the Lord's Prayer to his disciples. From here, we will walk to the small Franciscan Church of Dominus Flevit, where Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Then we will proceed to the Garden of Gethsemane and the beautiful Church of All Nations, where Jesus prayed the night before his crucifixion and was arrested by Roman soldiers. From this location, we will overlook the Kidron Valley, seeing the tombs of Absalom, Jehoshaphat, and Zechariah.

After this, we will enter the old city via the Lions' Gate to visit the 12th century St. Anne's Church, built by the Crusaders, and the Pool of Bethesda. Our final stop on this tour will be a visit to the Abbey of Notre Dame de Sion, where striped pavement signifies the spot where Jesus was condemned, and where the Via Dolorosa begins. At the end of the tour, guests will be returned to their hotels. Please see "Departure and Return" for more detailed information regarding pickup and drop-off.

Over the past thousands of years, this city has seen some of the most defining moments in human history. It is where Jesus was crucified, Solomon built his temple, and Mohammed made his final pilgrimage.

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    A site of immense religious significance for both Judaism, as a cemetery, and Christianity, as the location of Christ's ascension to heaven, Jerusalem's Mount of Olives was named for the crop that grew over its slopes.
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    This Roman Catholic church on the Mount of Olives was designed and constructed between 1953 and 1955 and operated by the Franciscan Order of priests. The Latin name translates to, "He wept," a reference to Jesus in the New Testament.
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    This olive garden at the base of the Mount of Olives is believed to be the location where Jesus wept, prayed, and was arrested the night before His crucifixion. It is now a popular pilgrimage destination.
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    This Roman Catholic basilica is located on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Inside, there is an enshrined section of bedrock that is said to be the location where Jesus prayed before his arrest.
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    The Lions' Gate is one of the seven gates in the city walls of the Old City section of Jerusalem. It is important in Christianity as the point at which the fourteen Stations of the Cross begin.
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    This Benedictine abbey is located on Mount Zion near the Lion Gate in Old Jerusalem. It was built on the remains of a 5th century Byzantine church.





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