SeaWorld San Diego Dolphin Interaction Ticket

  • Tour code: 955-6450
  • Available: Daily
  • Depart from: San Diego, CA
  • Duration: 1 Hour
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  • Minimum age required to join the tour is 10 years or older. Children under 10 yrs old are not allowed to enter the theater. Height must be more than 48 inches (122 cm) and in good health .
  • Ticket price only refer to the Interacion with Dolphins not the admission price. Guests should extra pay for the attraction admission.

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  • Day 1 San Diego
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Day 1 San Diego

One of the best places to swim with dolphins in California is the Seaworld of San Diego, where we can share a memorable interactive experience. It must be a good opportunity to have a close interaction with the dolphins for dolphin lovers.Surrounded with dolphins,we can enjoy a good time with them.The experience in water allows you to touch and feed dolphins your own.Trainers will also guide you to interact with dolphins.The total duration is about 60 minutes, of which about 20 minutes in the water, subject to the actual situation.

One of the largest cities in the country is San Diego, California. This beautiful city sits on the Pacific Ocean in southern California, not far from the Mexican border. Come visit SeaWorld, or just enjoy the sights and sounds!

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    The original SeaWorld park, SeaWorld San Diego is home to dolphins, walruses, polar bears, and over 300 penguins. In addition to animals, the park also has several rides, including two roller coasters and a log flume.





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