Rome with Children - A Fully Day Guided Tour

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  • Depart from: Rome, Italy
  • Duration: 1 Day
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Visit Rome, (Castel Sant'Angelo, RM, Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola, RM, Colosseum, RM, Pantheon, RM, Piazza Navona, RM, Time Elevator, RM, Trevi Fountain, RM), Vatican City, RM (St. Peter's Basilica, RM, St. Peter's Square, RM). Watch your child's eyes light up as he discover Rome!

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  • Day 1 Rome-Vatican City(5 km)
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Day 1 Rome-Vatican City(5 km)

The Italians are famous for their child-friendliness, and the Romans are no exception! Rome is an excellent place to travel with your entire family. Let your children romp through the beautiful gardens and squares. Watch your children's eyes light up as they discover Rome! You will find that Rome's hospitality extends to all generations.

Your family tour starts at the Colosseum, and proceeds to the Trevi Fountain, the Time Elevator, the Church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Castle Saint Angelo, Saint Peter's Square and Basilica.

The history of this amazing city spans more than two and a half thousand years. It is one of the most historic places on the planet Earth, and it's artistic and cultural contributions have colored global development.

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    This nearly 2000-year-old structure is one of the most famous buildings in all of human history. At its height, it could hold up to 80,000 people, and was usually used for gladiatorial contests, executions, and drama productions.
  • Always Visit
    Perhaps the most famous fountain in the world, this baroque masterpiece from the 18th century is best known for the myth that tossing coins in brings good luck. People from all over the world come to throw money into the fountain.
  • Always Visit
    This fascinating interactive history lesson in Rome presents a detailed story of the city. You can watch as the city's most famous buildings and monuments rise and important historical events play out before your very eyes.
  • Always Visit
    This church is named for the founder of the Jesuit Order of Catholic priests and located in the Campus Martius. It was consecrated in 1722 and built in the Baroque style.
    Duration: 10 Hours to 11 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Always Visit
    Built in the year 126 AD, this famous piece of antiquity once served as a temple to all of the major Roman gods. One of the most well-preserved remnants of ancient Rome, it has been in almost constant use.
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    The site of this famous square was once the Stadium of Domitian in ancient times. The centerpiece of the piazza is the Fountain of the Four Rivers, which was designed by Bernini and features an Egyptian obelisk.
  • Always Visit
    Officially known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, this fortress in Rome was built in 139 AD to house the dead emperor. Later, it was used by various popes as a fortress and castle.
    Duration: Approx. 10 Hours 30 Minutes

This small country, surrounded by the larger city of Rome, is the center of the Catholic Church and home of the Pope. Famous sights are St. Peter's Square and the Basilica, as well as the Vatican Museum.

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    This major piazza in the Vatican sits directly in front of St. Peter's Basilica, the enter of the Catholic church. An Egyptian obelisk made of red granite sits in its center, surrounded by a columned colonnade.
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    Perhaps the most famous church in the world and the center of Roman Catholicism, this ornate basilica in the small sovereign state of Vatican City has been a place of pilgrimage for nearly two thousand years.





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