1-Day Tour to Igarasu and Itamaraca from Recife - Group Spanish and Portuguese

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  • Depart from: Recife, Brazil
  • Duration: 10 Hours
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First Church In Brazil, Beaches & Water Sports, Forte Orange, Marine Manatee Centre, Catamaran Trip to Sand Bar, View Migratory Birds...

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  • Private English Guide Tour is available.

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  • The listing price is for Spanish and Portuguese SPEAKING tour.

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  • Day 1 Recife-Igarassu-Itamaraca-Recife(96 km)
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Day 1 Recife-Igarassu-Itamaraca-Recife(96 km)

The day will begin in Recife, where guests will be picked up from their hotels. Please see "Departure and Return" for more detailed information regarding pickup and drop-off times and locations. Today we will head to one of Brazil's earliest colonial towns, Igarassu, the location of the church Igreja de Santos Cosme e Damiao. Built in 1535, it is the oldest church in Brazil.

Next, we will head to Itamaraca, the exotic coastal island offshore from Igarassu, 84 kilometers of nature, history, and beauty. The island is a favorite location for water sports, and we will be free to indulge in a range of optional activities. We can investigate Forte Orange, built by the Dutch in the 17th century, and the Marine Manatee Center, a research and conservation center. For our pleasure, the tour also includes a catamaran trip to Coroa do Aviao, a sand bar and observation point for migratory birds. At the end of the day, we will head back to Recife, bringing an end to the tour.

This small coastal city to the north of Recife is known for its many picturesque beaches. It is supposedly the second oldest city in the country and the Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian is the oldest in Brazil.

  • Always Visit
    This church in Igarassu is the oldest in Brazil, built by some of the first Portuguese settlers in 1535. Saints Cosmas and Damian, the twins, are regarded in this country as the protectors of children.

This island off the coast of Igarassu is loaded with tourist attractions and beautiful beaches. Forte Orange is an old Dutch colonial military building on the island, while the Coroa do Aviao is a sand bar offshore.

  • Always Visit
    Originally a Dutch fortification from the height of their power in South America, Fort Orange was eventually overtaken by the Portuguese, who reconstructed it. Now, it is open to the island's many tourists for a unique slice of local history.
  • Always Visit
    This facility was designed to protect and research the area's local manatees, which are an endangered species. Come visit them at the center for Brazil's Porject Manatee,the main effort to help these pleasant, placid creatures.
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    The Coroa do Aviao is a small sandbar in the inlet between Itamaraca and the Brazilian mainland, named for the many species of birds that stop there to rest. We will sail there on a relaxing catamaran cruise.





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