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Visit Amsterdam, Bonn (University of Bonn), Bruges, Brussels (Manneken Pis), Hague (Peace Palace), Cologne (Cologne Cathedral), Luxembourg City (Adolphe Bridge, Grand Ducal Palace, Place de la Constitution), Trier (Karl Marx Haus, Porta Nigra).

Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1
    Paris - Bruges - Brussels (357 km)
  • Day 2
    Brussels - Hague - Amsterdam (389 km)
  • Day 3
    Amsterdam - Cologne - Bonn -Trier (400 km)
  • Day 4
    Trier - Luxembourg - Paris (334 km)
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Day 1 Paris - Bruges - Brussels(357 km)

We will depart in the morning from boulevard Champs-Élysées to Belgium. Arrive at the "Venice of the North" - Bruges. Known as the pearl of Flanders, we can walk on the medieval style streets and express our love and pure feelings in front of the tower just like in a fairy tale. After lunch, we will continue to Brussels, have a panoramic guided tour of the city with the famous Grand Place, King's house and City Hall, Atomium, statue "Little Julian". A good chance to buy the famous Belgian chocolate.

Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in Belgium. Located in the northwest region of the country, Bruges is known for its beautiful canals, cobblestone streets, and medieval architecture.

Brussels, Belgium is not just the capital of the country, but also serves as a headquarters for the European Union. This city has vibrant history stretching back centuries, and visitors can see impressive architecture as well as natural beauty.

  • This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the main square in Brussels and the city's most popular and most important tourist destination. It is bordered by several important buildings, including the dramatic Town Hall and Maison du Roi.
  • Construction on this Gothic building was completed in 1420, and since then, the site has served as the town hall for the capital of Belgium. In that time, it has also undergone some additions and renovations.
  • This bizarre Belgian building was constructed for the 1958 World's Fair. It is quite literally designed to look like atoms. Each of the "atoms" in the structure are actually showrooms that can be reached via elevator through the connectors.
  • "Manneken Pis" literally means "Little Man Pee" and that sums up this world-famous statue nicely. Dating all the way back to 1619, this statue is a fountain that depicts a little boy peeing into the basin below.
Standard Hotel: hotel on the outskirts of the city

Day 2 Brussels - Hague - Amsterdam(389 km)

After breakfast, we will leave for Hague, arrive at the Peace Palace where stays the Cour International of Justice and then, the Scheveningen central park. After lunch, we will continue to the beautiful village of Zaanse Schans to visit the windmill, workshop clogs, cheese farm. Next we will arrive in Amsterdam, visit the Diamond Factory then take a cruise on the canals.

The Hague is the seat of government in the Netherlands, and the capital city of the province of South Holland.

  • This building serves as the headquarters for the International Court of Justice, the principal judiciary branch of the United Nations. The building was opened in 1913.

One of the world's largest flower gardens, Keukenhof in the Netherlands covers 79 acres, all filled with vibrant, colorful displays of floral life. Its name is translated to "Kitchen Garden."

  • One of the world's largest flower gardens is located in Lisse, the Netherlands, covering about 79 acres and containing approximately 7 million flowers. Depending on the weather, the best time to visit is around mid-April.
    Admission (Optional): Adult €18; Child (4-17 yrs) €8; Child (0-3 yrs) Free

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is also the largest city in the country. This historic city is home to the Anne Frank House, the world's oldest stock exchange, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and much more!

  • Amsterdam is made up of a network of canals arranged in a series of concentric circles. The result is more than 90 kilometers of waterways that create almost 90 islands, as well as a beautiful landscape beloved the world over.
  • With over 100 kilometers of canals, it is no surprise why there are few automobiles in Amsterdam. On this cruise, you will leisurely sail down the most famous of these canals in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.
    Admission (Optional): Adult €18; Child (4-12 yrs) €9
Standard Hotel: hotel in Amsterdam region
Breakfast: Included

Day 3 Amsterdam - Cologne - Bonn -Trier(400 km)

We will depart in the morning to Cologne and visit the Cologne Cathedral. Then we will continue to Bonn, birthplace of the great composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, Capital of the Federal Republic of Germany between 1949 and 1990. We will have a panoramic guided tour to the former offices of the Federal Government, University of Bonn, Beethoven Square, etc. After lunch, we will continue to Trier, the oldest city in Germany, the birthplace of Karl Marx, founder of communism.

This German city traces its roots back to the Roman Empire in 50 AD. Today, it is considered a cultural center in Germany, and is known for its influential and busy arts scene. It has more than thirty museums.

  • The Cologne Cathedral is an incredible dramatic example of Gothic architecture, and has earned itself a place on list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The building dates back to the year 1248, making it more than three-quarters of a millennia old.

Bonn is a city on the banks of the Rhine and northwest of the Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains) in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Bonn serves alongside the capital Berlin as the seat of government of Germany.

  • The Bonn Old Town Hall is an 18th century Rococo building today used as a visitor's center for travellers as well as the office of the mayor. Like many of Bonn's sights, it is located next to the marketplace.
  • Founded in 1818, this German institution of higher education is one of the country's leading universities, with a student population of over 32,000. Included among its many prestigious alumni are Pope Benedict XVI, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Trier is a city in Germany on the banks of the Moselle. Trier lies in a valley between low vine-covered hills of red sandstone in the west of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, near the border with Luxembourg and within the important Moselle wine region.

Standard Hotel: hotel in the Trier region
Breakfast: Included

Day 4 Trier - Luxembourg - Paris(334 km)

We will visit the Porta Nigra, and then walk up to the house of Karl Marx. Continue to Luxembourg, enjoy panoramic view of the Constitution Square, Adolphe Bridge, Grand Canyon and Palace of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. After lunch, we will drive back to Paris. Arrive in Paris in late afternoon.

Trier is a city in Germany on the banks of the Moselle. Trier lies in a valley between low vine-covered hills of red sandstone in the west of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, near the border with Luxembourg and within the important Moselle wine region.

  • "Black Gate" is the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps, a testament to the far reach of the ancient empire. This World Heritage Site was built in the 100s AD. Nigra is the only remaining of four gates.
  • As its name would suggest, this museum in the German city of Trier was the birthplace of Karl Marx, the perpetually-controversial philosopher who is credited with popularizing the ideas of communism and socialism in the 19th century.
    Admission (Optional): Adult €4; Child €4

Luxembourg City is a commune with city status, and the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It stands at the confluence of the Alzette and Petrusse rivers in southern Luxembourg, the city lies at the heart of Western Europe.

  • This unofficial national symbol of Luxembourg was designed by Frenchman Paul Sejourne and built between 1900 and 1903. It was named after the Grand Duke Adolphe, ruler of Luxembourg from 1890 to 1905.
  • A palace in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. It is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and where he performs most of his duties as head of state of the Grand Duchy.
  • Place de la Constitution is a monument and square that commemorates Luxembourgers soldiers who perished in WWI. Erected in 1923, the monument symbolizes freedom and offers visitors striking views over the Petrusse Valley and the Adolphe Bridge.

*Return time is an estimate and varies based on traffic and weather conditions.





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It's a great tour! Value for money! Highly recommended.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Lorena on 2019-06-13

It is highly recommended! Price is cheap, accomodations are great and the tourist guide Coo and Alex are GREAT! you won't be dissapointed! This is my second tour with the comany and I am looking forward to do it again !!


Posted by: Felicity on 2018-09-16

I highly recommend this tour. it was a Worthy deal! our tour guide was Carol, and she was amazing. incredible knowledge of the the four countries we visited. Good in English, French and Chinese language. Thank you Carol for making our tour awesome.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Indrani on 2018-07-02

What a fantastic tour. All went well. A few positive comments to improve your services - the toilet was not available for an emergency. Eating at all sorts of places can cause disagreements inside. No phone charge in the bus & also it would have been fantastic, if there was free Wi Fi. On the whole a fabulous tour.

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Highly recommended tour. Fantastic itineraries, tour guide, driver and accommodation!

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Great tour!!! Great value!!!

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This is a scenic tour and one of the best we've had. The visit to Keukenhof Garden for the Tulip Festival is already worth it, let alone the wonderful other sightseeing attractions and the best pair of Tour Guide Daniel and Coach Captain Joaquim! They made our vacation a fantastic experience!

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The 4-Day tour is a comprehensive tour we had with my family on Dec 23-26,2017.It was a wise decision to utilize TakeTours for the second time (1st time in Disneyland Anaheim in 2015 and 2nd this Europe tour). My family enjoyed this tour very much as we visited 4 countries in short period. Honestly the hotels are good with buffet breakfast and comfortable rooms. We enjoyed the places we've visited and timing in the itinerary is just right not rush. Tour leader Caroline is kind and considerate (Sinorama). Tour bus is really new and had a smooth ride. Thank you TakeTours once again and I look forward to do booking again in our next adventure.

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I was in this tour with my family few days ago i really recommend for first travelers you can see many countries in few days thanks

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