New York Frozen Ticket

  • Tour code: 855-6699
  • Available: 07/03, 07/17, 07/24
  • Depart from: New York, NY
  • Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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Watch the new Disney muscial show Frozen.

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  • Day 1 New York
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Day 1 New York

The new Disney musical show "frozen" will lead you to discover the natural forces you are born with -- love. The musical, a new adaptation of the award-winning creative team, offers an unrivaled audio-visual feast for Broadway audiences, with a pop song that is twice the size of the film. The show tells the story of Sally and Anna the two sisters because of a special kind of mysterious force was forced to separate; to break the spell of mysterious power, they has been looking for the power of love. Limited tickets first come first served. Seats are arranged randomly in the following seating area.
Seat Area:
Mezzanine K 21-23, J 14-24, K 22-24
Mezzanine E 9-15, F5-15

Seat Area:
Mezzanine J 13-23, M 10-24, M 21-23
Mezzanine N 18-24, N 21-23, O 30-34, P30-34

Seat Area:
Mezzanine G 109-113, H 101-115





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