New York City 3 Hour Chinatown Food Tour

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  • Available: Mon, Wed
  • Depart from: New York, NY
  • Duration: 3 Hours
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Visit New York (Chinatown Manhattan). Inclusions: Food Tasting: A selection of six different Hong Kong style dumplings/Peking Duck/A stewed pork burger or a spicy Cumin lamb burger/A selection of the homemade ice cream

Special Remarks:

  • Learn Chinese immigrant history
  • Visit local Chinese emphasise stores

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  • Day 1 New York
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Day 1 New York

If you have couple of hours to spare in the middle of the day, why not take a tour to experience the authentic Chinese food and cultural? Chinatown is of the most popular and historical places in Manhattan, here you will have the chance to discover the amazing stories about Chinese immigrant and to get a bit of the food from all over China. In this 3-hour walking tour, includes 2 seated tastings restaurants (Dim Sum, Peking Duck), 1 take out restaurant, 1 Chinese homemade ice cream tasting. You will find you 3 hours well spend by getting to know the cultural of China and mouthful of palatable food.

The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Cultural Capital of the World... whatever you call New York City, its impact on worldwide culture and business is undeniable. Seeing this famous metropolis is something no one ever forgets!

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    Manhattan Island's famous Chinatown is the largest Chinese neighborhood in the western hemisphere, with a population estimated at up to 100,000 people. Both a residential and commercial area, it is home to amazing Chinese cuisine, art, and culture.





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