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6-Day Huasteca Potosina Jungle Adventure from Mexico

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  • Depart from: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Duration: 6 Days 5 Nights
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Visit Tamasopo, Puente de Dios, Minas Viejas, El Salto & El Meco, Tamtoc Archaeological Site, Micos Waterfalls, Aquismon (Cave of Swallows), Xilitla (Las Pozas).

Special Remarks:

  • Explore amazing natural region
  • Jump off 8-meter-high waterfalls and hike to a deep jungle gorge

Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1
    Mexico City - Ciudad Valles (285 km)
  • Day 2
    Ciudad Valles - Tamasopo - Ciudad Valles (108 km)
  • Day 3
    Ciudad Valles - El Naranjo - Ciudad Valles (201 km)
  • Day 4
    Tamuin - Xilitla (113 km)
  • Day 5
    Xilitla - Aquismon - Mexico City (287 km)
  • Day 6
    Mexico City
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Day 1 Mexico City - Ciudad Valles(285 km)

Today we will leave from Mexico City and head to Ciudad Valles, SLP.

The second-largest city in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí, with an area of 2,396.5 km2. It is one of Mexico's favourite destinations for people searching for exotic natural beauties or adrenaline and adventure.

Standard Hotel: Overnight on the bus

Day 2 Ciudad Valles - Tamasopo - Ciudad Valles(108 km)

After breakfast, we will travel to Tamasopo, SLP to visit Puente de Dios, an area of beauitful rivers and impressive waterfalls. We will return to Ciudad Valles in the afternoon and have dinner there.

The town of Tamosopo has an elevation of 1,200 feet. The surrounding mountains rise to about 5,000 feet above sea level. It is famous for its enchanting waterfalls in a lush rain forest.

  • El Puente de Dios is two miles (3 km) northwest of Tamasopo town. It consists of waterfalls into a narrow gorge and cavern beneath an arch through which the Gallinas river runs rapidly. Blue and clear water pools for swimming are at the top and bottom of the cavern.
Standard Hotel: Accommodation in Eco-Village wooden cabins

Day 3 Ciudad Valles - El Naranjo - Ciudad Valles(201 km)

Visit the beautiful remote waterfalls of Minas Viejas, El Salto & El Meco on a trip into the heart of the Huasteca Potosina where you will have time to enjoy these beautiful limestone waterfalls with natural turquoise swimming pools to refresh yourself from the intense jungle heat. Have a pack-lunch along the way while you immerse yourself in pristine nature! Return to your eco-village for a delicious buffet dinner and a good night's rest.

El Naranjo is located in an extensive area of tropical and semi-tropical mountains and lowlands called La Huasteca after the Indian civilization and people inhabiting the region. The town of El Naranjo is in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

  • The Cascada de Minas Viejas are a set of twin waterfalls that flow off a cliff into a pool below, located amongst lush vegetation in the Mexican countryside. Visitors can camp and swim, as well as rappel down the waterfall.
  • The 38 metres high El Meco cascade is at the end of the three-mile stretch of rapids below El Salto. A stairway leads to observation points and a hotel and restaurant are near the falls. Below El Meco the El Salto River becomes less turbulent, running peacefully through a valley of sugar cane plantations near the town of El Naranjo.
  • The waterfall is 70 metres high. A hydro-electric plant drains water from the river and the falls are often dry except during the rainy season in the summer. Below the falls, a canal returns water to the river and for three miles the El Salto River is a "wonderful Class IV blue water river."
Standard Hotel: Accommodation in Eco-Village wooden cabins

Day 4 Tamuin - Xilitla(113 km)

You'll have a buffet breakfast at the eco-village and then go to Tamtok Archaeological Site for a guided visit. Then you will head to the Micos Waterfalls where you will have some free time to swim around and admire the beautiful view of the area. You will return to the eco-village for dinner.

A municipio (second-level administrative division) in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí. Tamuín is internationally renowned for three archaeological sites representative of the precolonial Huastec culture.

  • A site of the highest importance in the archaeological history of the Huasteca region. It occupies 133 hectares on the banks of the Tamuin River. To judge by the artefacts discovered, it was a well-organized society based on agriculture.
Standard Hotel: Accommodation in Eco-Village wooden cabins

Day 5 Xilitla - Aquismon - Mexico City(287 km)

Today we will return to Xilitla to see Las Pozas. We will then travel to Aquismon, SLP to visit the amazing Cave of Swallows, the largest known cave shaft in the world. The one-hour hike will take us to the mouth of the cave just as the thousands of birds who live there return at sunset. We will then take an overnight bus to Mexico City

A town in the state of San Luis Potosi, in the Huasteca region of Mexico. Xilitla is known for its fertile mountains and springs which create panoramic landscapes throughout the municipality.

  • Created by the British poet Edward James, Las Pozas contains several surrealist sculptures and monuments, lending this attraction the look of a fantasy novel. Visitors are allowed to swim in the pools, which are filled with crystal-blue waters.

A town and municipality in San Luis Potosi in central Mexico. In 2010 the municipality had an area of 796 square kilometres (307 sq mi) and a population of 47,423.

  • The Cave of Swallows is an open air pit cave Mexico. This is the largest known cave shaft in the world, the second deepest pit in Mexico and perhaps the 11th deepest in the world.
Standard Hotel: Overnight on the bus

Day 6 Mexico City

The overnight bus will arrive back to Mexico City at about 6:00am. The tour will conclude here.

*Return time is an estimate and varies based on traffic and weather conditions.





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