The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt Tour

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  • Depart from: Las Vegas, NV
  • Duration: 4 Hours
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Participate in a "real" ghost investigation that will take you to the haunting grounds of Goodsprings, Neveda(as seen on the "Ghost Adventure" TV show).

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  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

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  • Day 1 Las Vegas
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Day 1 Las Vegas

Renowned ghost hunter and author Robert George Allen now makes if possible for us to visit the once thriving mining town of Goodsprings and explore its resident spirits. Over the years many ghostly sightings have been experienced in and around the deserted remains of Goodsprings, making it the perfect location for a ghost hunt. According to the History Channel, there are two ghosts that haunt the 100 year old saloon, said to be "haunted" by the gun shot victim's ghost as well as the spirit of an old miner. Both ghosts have been seen by many employees and saloon visitors over the years. Other ghostly sightings have been experienced in and around the remains of the town as well, making it a perfect location for a ghost hunt.

Las Vegas is known as the "Entertainment Capital of the World" for a good reason-- casinos and hotels line its streets, and visitors can gamble, see shows, and shop at virtually any hour of the day or night.

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    Goodsprings is a small town near Las Vegas in Nevada, billed as a Western ghost-town. It has a rich history as a successful mining town, and still features the Pioneer Saloon, supposedly haunted by the ghosts of a murdered attendee.





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