MONA with Mt Wellington & Ferry Return

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  • Depart from: Hobart, Australia
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MONA, Mt Wellington, Ferry Return

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    Combine a scenic drive to the summit of Mount Wellington which will unfold into a magnificent panoramic vista over Hobart and the Derwent River. Then join the cruise to the MONA.
  • Day 1 MONA & Mt. Wellington
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Day 1 MONA & Mt. Wellington

Today, we will go to Mount Wellington, which overlooks the city of Hobart. On a clear day, it provides stunning views of the city below and the surrounding Tasmanian landscape; in the winter, we'll feel like children as we play and frolic in the snow. After we descend from the mountain, we will enjoy a brief visit to the Cascades Female Factory to gain insight into the lives of the women who were once imprisoned there.

Afterwards, we will visit the Museum of Old and New Art, Australia's largest collection of art and artifacts. We will begin the day with a relaxing cruise from Sullivans Cove along the Derwent River. As we approach, we will look in awe at the incredible architecture of the MONA, sitting at the end of the Berriedale Peninsula. Once inside, we will explore the museum's thought-provoking exhibits that display ancient, modern and contemporary pieces. We will be able to explore at our own pace with the help of "The O," a handheld touch-screen device which provides detailed information about each exhibit. We will also be able to explore scenery surrounding the museum or enjoy a meal at the café.





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