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Grand Canyon Tour Information

Grand Canyon is a massive natural wonder in Arizona that is approximately 277 river miles in length, 18 miles in width and a mile deep. One of the best ways to visit Grand Canyon is to join Grand Canyon bus tours from Los Angeles. Departing from Los Angeles, visitors could enjoy the night in Las Vegas and visit Hoover Dam on the bus, and travel to Grand Canyon South Rim, West Rim, and East Rim. Here are some highlights on Grand Canyon tours:

  • Grand Canyon West Rim
  • This relatively new tourist area in northeastern Arizona is run by the Hualapai Indians on their lands. Visitors to the West Rim can see sights such as the Skywalk Glass Bridge, Hualapai Ranch, or Guano Point.
  • Grand Canyon South Rim
  • The most visitor-friendly of the three "rims" of the Grand Canyon, the South Rim is home to Grand Canyon National Park and offers a litany of activities and sights for visitors, such as walking tours and the Mather Point.
  • Tips for Visiting Grand Canyon
  • Lodging in Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas is another popular departure city of Grand Canyon tours. You probably think the Grand Canyon is just on the outskirts of Las Vegas, but it is actually at least 4-hour drive from Las Vegas. Many travelers might consider lodging in Grand Canyon. The hotel options in Grand Canyon are pretty limited. Fortunately, tours to Grand Canyon West Rim on TakeTours, offer options to stay overnight in cabins. If you’d like to feel living in the canyon, or don’t want to rush back to Las Vegas, grand canyon overnight tours could be a good fit.
  • Packing for Grand Canyon Tours
  • There are a few things travelers need to pay attention to when going on a tour to Grand Canyon. First, check the weather. The weather and temperature could vary throughout the canyon. It is wise to check which part of the canyon you’re visiting and dress accordingly. Secondly, bring the right shoes and enough water. Travelers will hike/walk a lot on grand canyon tours. We recommend visitors to wear comfortable shoes and bring enough water. Thirdly, remember to pack light. Usually, only a small backpack is allowed to bring on the tour to Grand Canyon (please check the additional note when booking the tour).