RED LOOP: Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

GREEN LOOP: France, Switzerland, Italy

BLUE LOOP: Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland

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Europe is always a hot destination to visit because of its history, architecture, nightlife, and food. Join TakeTours' hand-picked tour packages from London, Rome, Madrid and more to start your relaxing vacation in Europe. To have an affordable vacation in Europe, the best choice would be taking our freestyle Europe bus tours from London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt and more cities in Europe. The flexible bus tours in Europe allow you to choose how many days to travel, and the price starts at $88.88/day. With the tours in Europe, you can see the highlights of the beautiful attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Musée du Louvre in Paris, Natural History Museum in London, and so many more spectacular destinations on your tours in Europe... Discover Europe with Taketours' hand-picked Europe tour packages.