RED LOOP: Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

GREEN LOOP: France, Switzerland, Italy

BLUE LOOP: Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland

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When is The Best Time to Travel to Europe?

Spring is a great time to travel to Europe: you’ll avoid the cold winter, instead of getting treated to warmer, sunnier days (although, there may be some rain here and there) while also not having to deal with the large crowds that can flood to Europe’s most popular cities during the summer. The point is that strategizing the perfect vacation can be hard work. Therefore, we have compiled some European adventures that won’t break your bank. March and April are good months to visit Italy. Combining the reduced cost of flights with good weather and smaller crowds, you will realize this is important when you try to visit the Sistine Chapel, located in the Vatican Museum, a must-see for any visit to Rome...