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6-Day Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore Tour from Salt Lake City

Tour code: 378-201
From USD $648
  • Available: Sun (5/17-8/23)
  • Depart from: Denver, CO
  • Language: English; Mandarin Chinese
  • Duration: 6 Days 5 Nights

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Visit Yellowstone (Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Yellowstone River Falls, Old Faithful Geyser), Salt Lake City, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse, Grand Teton National Park. Inclusions: Airport dropoff

Special Remarks:

  • Stay 2 nights at West Yellowstone
  • Accommodation in deluxe hotels

Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1
    Hometown - Salt Lake City
  • Day 2
    Salt Lake City - Grand Teton - Yellowstone (313 miles)
  • Day 3
    Yellowstone National Park
  • Day 4
    Livingston - Devils Tower - Spearfish (354 miles)
  • Day 5
    Spearfish - Mt Rushmore - Crazy Horse - Cheyenne (323 miles)
  • Day 6
    Cheyenne - Rocky Mountain National Park - Denver (144 miles)
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Day 1 Hometown - Salt Lake City

Depart hometown for Salt Lake City and join tour at night at Salt Lake City.

Day 2 Salt Lake City - Grand Teton - Yellowstone (313 miles)

Today we will depart early in the morning and drive along the Great Salt Lake basin. The salinity of water here is seven times greater than that of the ocean. You will reach the cowboy state of Wyoming by noon. After lunch, we will visit Grand Teton. In the afternoon, we will drive to the world famous Yellowstone National Park. Spend the night near the Yellowstone.

Day 3 Yellowstone National Park

We will spend the entire day in Yellowstone National Park seeing its most famous sights. Stops on our tour include Old Faithful, Yellowstone Canyon, Yellowstone Waterfalls, hot spring and geysers.

Day 4 Livingston - Devils Tower - Spearfish (354 miles)

In the morning, we are head to the world's first national monument, the Devil's Tower! The Indians call it the bear's residence. The Devil's Tower rises more than 1,200 miles and is spectacular. It attracts countless tourists and rock climbers every year, also the location for the third category of famous movies. Overnight at Spearfish.

Day 5 Spearfish - Mt Rushmore - Crazy Horse - Cheyenne (323 miles)

In the morning visit the world-famous Presidential Stone Statue in South Dakota, which stands in Mt. Rushmore and is the masterpiece of the immortality left by Mr. Borglum. The four presidential statues are Washington, the founding father of the United States; Jefferson, the drafter of the Declaration of Independence; Old Roosevelt, the peace ambassador; And Lincoln, the father of blacks. In the afternoon, we came to the hometown of cowboys in the west and visited the Indian National Heroes Pavilion - Crazy Horse, the largest statue in the world, the nation that the Indians fought for themselves with their hard-earned money and the people themselves. Overnight at Cheyenne.

Day 6 Cheyenne - Rocky Mountain National Park - Denver (144 miles)

Depart in the morning and head to the Rocky Mountain National Park in the north-central part of Colorado, with its magnificent mountains, diverse creatures, and natural environment, and a variety of wild fauna. Then will return to Denver after a memorable trip. Please arrange return flight after 6:00p.m. from Denver.





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I recommend this tour!

Posted by: SHANKARSUN on 2018-08-04

The best experience that you can have covering so many places in 6 days - with 2 days in Yellowstone. Spencer and Mauricio took very good care of 3 of us. Spencer knew exactly about when to leave and reach each location to get the sunlight in right direction for best shots and less crowd. I will say just follow them and you will have a great time!

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Ting Ting on 2015-09-04

Yellowstone National Park is amazing. Great tour guide, Spence,r who is very thoughtful, helpful and, funny. Good driver. They do take care of the customers

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Alpheen on 2015-07-10

This tour was excellent, mainly due to our amazingly knowledgeable and humorous tour guide Spencer (who considered all of us his family) and our superb driver Mauricio, and of course the beautiful sights of Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. It so happened that the the bus was filled with 50 Chinese and 5 Indians, who all bonded by the end of the trip. I don't think any other tour will cover as many sights as this one did in 6 days. The lodgings at Yellowstone (Grand Village Lodge) was excellent. The other hotels were not bad at all, but would recommend an upgrade in hotels and eating stops. Also would have liked more time in the Grand Tetons. I would highly recommend this tour if you have the Spencer/Mauricio team to guide and drive you.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Prem Lahari on 2014-07-06

I took this tour with my 5 year old daughter. It was an amazing trip, we enjoyed every moment. Beautiful locations especially Yellowstone is picturesque. We want to go with TakeTours on many more trips in coming days....

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Ravi on 2013-05-17

I had taken a similar tour 558-972 starting from Salt Lake City on 11th May. My wife and I flew in from SFO. This was one of the best experiences in my life. There cannot be a better way of seeing Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and other attractions mentioned in this tour. The commendable features were -Excellent, helpful, kind and considerate and knowledgeable guide-MR SENCER LAM AND The driver-MR Mauricio Martinez. Impeccable bus, top hotel rooms and the itinerary. The guide and the driver were very warm, always smiling and ready to accommodate the travellers. Both of them knew Yellowstone like lines on their palms. If any trail was closed , they offered and equally good one. In the end, we sang songs from our countries, became friends and returned with very warm memories. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Thank you Mr Spencer and Mt Mauricio once again. P.S Pl do not consider getting up at 6 and leaving at 7 on some days as a nuisance. Otherwise , you cannot see everything.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Sanjeev on 2013-03-07

I took this trip on July 2012. It was a great trip. Bus driver and Spencer, the guide, was great. Spencer had a lot of information to share. Hotels were good, even in Yellowstone. Driving, scenery, and food all were good. Just be aware that you will be in bus for long. And some days you have to wake up 6am. But it was worth the price and time. Highly Recommend it.

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