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Enjoy a walking tour of Brno's historical downtown centre with three different thematic walking tours for guests to choose.

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  • Day 1 Brno
  • Holiday Special: During the Christmas holidays in December and Easter holidays in April you will visit traditional markets and get to know the Czech traditions and customs.
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Day 1 Brno

The city Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Rebublic. The city can be proud of its numerous landmarks, which are proof of its rich 800-year history. The city became prominent in Europian history during the Thirty Year´s War, as it was the only town in Central Europe able to defend itself against siege by the Swedish army. Funtionalist architecture contributed to giving the city its appearance as a modern metropolis.

You can choose from these three thematic walking tours:

Functionalism in Brno with Villa Tugendhat Garden entrance:
Brno is known for its functionalist buildings with minimalist design. Take a closer look and this architecture with your expert guide.The tour is focused on functionalism architecture in Brno with visit to the gardens of Villa Tugendhat and interpretation of this important monument of Unesco. You will see buildings of Ludwig Mies van den Rohe, Bohuslav Fuchs, Ernst Wiesner and others.
History and Architecture:
This tour is designed for lovers of history. It is led by historian-guide who will introduce you Brno from the Middle Ages to the present day and the most important architectural buildings.
Legends of Brno:
On this tour you get to know the old Brno in a fun way by the most famous old legends. Learn why midday in Brno ringing at 11 o'clock already, the legend of the Brno dragon, Baron Trenck and Capuchin mummies, legend of Stone virgin, walled councilor and many others.

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic by population and area, it is also the largest Moravian city and the historical capital city of the Margraviate of Moravia.

  • Always Visit
    Not an attraction for the squeamish, the Capuchin Monastery in Brno is famous for housing a crypt, the final resting place of the monks who once lived there, that is complete with incredibly well-preserved mummies.
  • Always Visit
    The Church of St. James in Brno was originally constructed in the thirteenth century in the Gothic style. A 2001 excavation of the site revealed a large ossuary underneath the church and the square, containing over fifty thousand skeletal remains.
  • Always Visit
    Brno's Freedom Square, or "Namesti Svobody" in Czech, was once the historic city center. In the square, visitors will find the plague column, a memorial to those killed by the Black Death in the Middle Ages.
  • Always Visit
    The Old Town Hall of Brno is a beautiful historic building with some unique and quirky features. Inside the Gothic archway that acts as its entrance hand a wheel and a crocodile statue, both referencing local legends.
  • Always Visit
    The centerpiece of Brno's Vegetable Market, the Parnassus Fountain is a beautiful example of baroque art that features famous mythological characters, such as Hercules. The woman on top represents the European continent.
  • Always Visit
    The oldest theater in Central Europe, the Reduta Theater in Brno's Vegetable Market has been housing theatrical and musical performances since the mid-17th century. In 1767, an 11 year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, accompanied by his older sister, performed here.
  • Always Visit
    The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, with its neo-Gothic exterior and baroque interior, has twin spires that reach to the sky, a beacon for the city, even for those coming from far away.
Holiday Special: During the Christmas holidays in December and Easter holidays in April you will visit traditional markets and get to know the Czech traditions and customs.





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