Grand City Tour of Brno

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  • Depart from: Brno, Czech Republic
  • Duration: 3 Hours
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Get to know the history, industry and contemporary life of Brno

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  • Day 1 Brno
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Day 1 Brno

Our tour of the Czech Republic's second largest city will consist of two portions: the first, about an hour on a coach bus, will take us around to famous landmarks such as: the Brno Central Railway Station, one of the oldest in the country; the Moravian Gallery, an art museum; the Philharmonic Clubhouse, where the city's philharmonic orchestra performs regularly; the Brno University of Technology, the Mitrovsky Summer Pavilion, the Botanical Gardens, Brno's Exhibition Center, Moravian Square, and the Mahen Theater; as well as several buildings associated with Leos Janacek, the country's most famous composer, including the , the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts, the Brno Conservatory (also known as "Janacek's Organ School"), and Janacek's Theater. After this portion of our tour, we will continue on foot for two hours through the magnificent architecture of Old Brno, seeing the Capuchin Monastery and the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul. This is the best tour to see the art-nouveau houses and functionalist public building around this magnificent city of exquisite architecture.
Start time: Approx. 9:00am

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    The Botanical Gardens of Brno, owned and operated by the city's Mendel University, contain a beautiful and diverse collection of orchids. These gardens make a perfect place for a quiet walk.
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    Brno Central Railway Station is one of the first, as well as busiest, train stations in the Czech Republc. Trains run from here to all other parts of the country, as well as to other central European countries.
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    Founded by the country's most famous composer, Leos Janacek, the Brno conservatory was originally intended to be an organ school, but developed into a venue for the nurturing of all musical talent.
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    The Brno Exhibition Center is the city's convention hall, established in 1928. The site provides a venue for the numerous trade fairs that are help in Brno, which helped the city modernize and industrialize in the twentieth century.
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    The Brno University of Technology combines more austere, classical buildings with newer modern examples of architecture, showcasing some fine examples of the functionalist style of architecture that became very popular in country during the mid-twentieth century.
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    Not an attraction for the squeamish, the Capuchin Monastery in Brno is famous for housing a crypt, the final resting place of the monks who once lived there, that is complete with incredibly well-preserved mummies.
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    Founded in 1947, the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts was named in honor of the Czech Republic's most famous composer. Today, about 500 students attend either the School of Music and the School of Theater Arts.
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    Along with two other stages in the city, Janacek's Theater is part of the National Theater of Brno, and serves as the city's main opera house, deriving its name from the Czech Republic's most famous composer.
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    Brno's Mahen Theater was one of the world's first public buildings to be lit solely by electric lighting, the plan for which was designed by Thomas Edison himself. A breathtaking facade welcomes visitors to the home of the Brno's National Theater.
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    The Mitrovsky Summer Pavilion in Brno was once the meeting place for the city's elite among other famous names in European history. Visitors can take a tour and learn about the hidden masonic imagery on the interior.
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    The Moravian Gallery in Brno is the second largest art museum in the Czech Republic and is comprised of three institutions: the Prazak Palace, the Governor's Palace, and the Museum of Decorative Art.
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    The largest public square in Brno, the Moravian Square has been reconstructed in recent years to preserve its feel of a classical European square while also updating it to be the center fro a modern European city.
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    The Brno Clubhouse, the exquisite venue in which the city's Philharmonic Orchestra performs, was once the workplace of Leos Janacek, perhaps the best-known Czech composer, as well as a site of historical significance for the city itself.
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    Built in the mid-nineteenth century, Brno's Red Church is a historic protestant church, currently used by the country's Evangelical church. It gets its name from the bricks that make up its exterior.
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    The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, with its neo-Gothic exterior and baroque interior, has twin spires that reach to the sky, a beacon for the city, even for those coming from far away.
Ending time: Approx. 12:00am





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