Classic Bratislava Walking Tour

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  • Available: Daily (1/1/2018-12/31/2019)
  • Depart from: Bratislava, sk
  • Duration: 1 Hour
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Visit Bratislava (Biela Street, Franciscan Square, Main Square, Michalska Street, Old Town Hall, Panska Street, Primatial Square, St. Martin's Cathedral, Venturska Street).

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  • Day 1 Bratislava
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Day 1 Bratislava

On this short but instructive walking tour, we will see the most historical and important site in the old city of Bratislava, beginning with a short, basic introduction to the city and the country of Slovakia. Our route will take us to Primatial Square, the Old Town Hall, Main Square, the Franciscan Square, Biela Street, Michalska Street, Venturska Street, Panska Street, and St. Martin Cathedral. Afterwards, the tour will come to an end. Please see "Departure and Return" for more detailed information regarding pickup and drop-off times and locations.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is a beautiful Central European city. Some of the most popular places in town are St. Martin's Cathedral, the Old Town, and Devin Castle.

  • Always Visit
    This is a narrow, pedestrian street in the Old Town of Bratislava that feeds into and out of the Franciscan Square. Along the way are many carts and kiosks from which visitors can purchase food and goods.
  • Always Visit
    The church in this square is the oldest in the entire city. Many of the buildings were desinged in a 13th century Gothic style, with later 18th century baroque renovations and updates.
  • Always Visit
    Considered the center of the city, both old and new, Bratislava's Main Square is the location of the Old City Hall complex, as well as the Roland Fountain. Under Soviet occupation, it was renamed April 4th Square.
  • Always Visit
    This is a narrow pedestrian thoroughfare in old town Bratislava, lined with several small shops, cafes, and restaurants. The tower at one end of the street is known as "Michael's Gate".
  • Always Visit
    This complex of buildings has served many functions since its inception in the 13th century., including a mint, a prison, and an armory. The Bratislava City Museum is located here, the oldest museum in the city.
  • Always Visit
    One of the many narrow streets that wind through the old town in Bratislava, Panska is a great place to go to find a bite to eat. There are many important historical buildings along the street.
  • Always Visit
    In the center of Bratislava's old town lies this square, the site of many festivals and celebrations in the summer months. There is an old well in which visitors can drop coins for good luck.
  • Always Visit
    Located in the historical center of the city, construction on this Gothic cathedral began in the mid-13th century, and it was finally consecrated in 1452. For a long period, it was the site of the coronations of Hungarian royalty.
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    Venturska Street is one of the many roadways that form the labyrinthine passages of Bratislava's old town, home to many important historical buildings, like the Palffy Palace. There are also many restaurants along the way.

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