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Visit Plymouth (Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth Rock, Mayflower II), Newport (Breakers Mansion).

Special Remarks:

  • The Breakers Great Hall will feature the iconic 15 foot tall poinsettia tree.
  • If you are planning to take flight to join the tour or need to leave the tour in advance, please call us to confirm the tour and the itinerary before you make the booking.

Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1
    Boston-Plymouth-Providence-Newport-Boston (183 miles)
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Day 1 Boston-Plymouth-Providence-Newport-Boston (183 miles)

Passengers will be picked up in Boston and Quincy in the morning. Our first stop of the day will be historic Plymouth, MA, where we will see Plymouth Rock, visit the Plimouth Plantation, Plimoth Grist Mill and Mayflower II. We will also learn about the history of the local Wampanoag tribe of Native Americans.

From here we will continue on to Newport, RI, where we will visit the illustrious Breakers Mansion before concluding our tour and returning to Boston.

*Return time is an estimate and varies based on traffic and weather conditions.



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I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Denise on 2016-08-27

This is the first trip that I joined, and it was good. The tour guide Sam explained to us in Chinese and English.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Tingting on 2014-08-31

This is the first trip that I joined, and it was excellent. The tour guide explained to us in Chinese and English. On the way, we had so much fun, and the Breakers was an amazing construction. I'll remember it forever!

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: David on 2014-08-26

Wow, the tour can be so informative and fun! It is something you will never learn from a classroom. With some role playing, it was quite interesting.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Namrata on 2014-08-26

We took the 2 days tour and enjoyed the trip thoroughly. The guide is very comfortable in explaining the details. I'm glad a one day tour can be this informative.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Uddhav on 2014-08-26

Good explanation of attractions from our guide. With the great attitude, the overall quality is underrated. I can't believe I could learn something without attending a history class.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Subba on 2014-08-26

We couldn't believe how much history we learned from a one day trip. The guide made the tour very pleasant. Her approach, narration, and professionalism are very much appreciated.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Aneth on 2014-08-26

The escort and the driver was very kind. He gave us a very thorough history background during our bus ride. When we were there, a group of people dressed like the puritans and Indians to give us a feel for the history.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Tim on 2014-08-13

Long drives, but that is explained in the tour description. The attractions were all interesting and it is MUCH easier to get around them all by tour bus than by trying to do it myself. Good photo opportunities, too, and a lot of history. Just a shame that the bus parked near the beach that was nowhere near the shops section of the beach for people who wanted souvenirs.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Hedy Kwok on 2013-08-12

The breakers we went to in the afternoon was a great site. You must to see it.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Fonda on 2013-08-12

It was a great place to learn U.S. history. we went to a place called the Plymouth plantation, there were people dressed up as Native Americans and ans English colonists answering everyone's questions about the past. It was very cool to see the old ways of life.

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