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Visit Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Niagara Falls Canada, Thousand Islands. Inclusions: 3 nights hotel accommodation

Special Remarks:

  • Free parking at Quincy location with purchase of this tour!
  • U.S. and Canadian side - A valid passport and visa (if applicable) are required to enter Canada.

Tour Itinerary


  • Day 1
    Boston - Montreal (307 miles)
  • Day 2
    Montreal - Ottawa - Thousand Islands - Toronto (411 miles)
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    Toronto - Niagara Falls - Boston (549 miles)
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Day 1 Boston - Montreal(307 miles)

We will depart from Boston at 7:00am for Montreal, QC, Canada, where we will arrive in the early afternoon. We will visit the Olympic Stadium, Notre-Dame Basilica, and take Montreal Double Decker City Tour. After touring the city, we will head to the hotel for the night.

Montreal, Quebec is the second-largest city in Canada, and the center of French Canadian culture. Called "Canada's Cultural Capital," Montreal offers much to see and do, whether you are looking to explore history or the arts.

  • The impressive tower that juts out of the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec is the tallest inclined tower in the world, and an impressive feat of engineering. Visitors can make their way to the top and overlook the city.
    Admission (Optional): Adult $25; Child (Under 11 yrs) $18; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $23
  • The Notre-Dame Basilica-Cathedral in Montreal, Quebec is the oldest parish church in North America, founded in 1647. It is also the first to be elevated to the rank of basilica. Visitors also come for its impressive neoclassical architecture.
    Admission (Optional): Adult $6; Child (7-17 yrs) $4; Senior (Over 62 yrs) $6
  • The Double Decker City Tour is a unique way to see the landmarks of Montreal. Discover Montreal and see numerous attractions including the Notre Dame Basilica, the Old Port of Montreal and so much more!
    Admission (Optional): Adult $30; Child $25; Senior $30
Standard Hotel: Hotel Le Prestige or similar

Day 2 Montreal - Ottawa - Thousand Islands - Toronto(411 miles)

In the morning our tour takes us to Ottawa, ON, where we will visit Parliament Hill and the Peace Tower. From there we will head to the Thousand Islands Region to take a Boat Tour of the archipelago before arriving in Toronto, ON for dinner.

Located on the Ottawa River in eastern Ontario, Canada's capital city is also its center of technology and politics. This historic city features many museums, art galleries, and performance centers as well as other attractions like the Rideau Canal.

  • Parliament Hill, located on the banks of the Ottawa River Canada's capital city, is home to the Canadian Parliament. The gorgeous location and dramatic architecture make this a huge tourist location-- more than 3 million people come every year.
  • The Peace Tower is a large clock tower in Ottawa, Ontario that sits at the center of Parliament Hill. This iconic Canadian building appears on both the fifty- and twenty-dollar Canadian bills. It is more than 300 feet tall.

An international tourism destination situated between Canada and the United States along the St. Lawrence River. The region takes its name from the more than 1,000 islands that dot the lakes and rivers along this international waterway.

  • In the Saint Lawrence River between New York and Ontario, there are 1,864 islands. This picturesque landscape has been a vacation destination for more than 150 years, and with good reason. The attractions include lighthouses, museums, fishing, and diving.
    Admission (Optional): Adult $30; Child (Under 11 yrs) $17; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $25
Standard Hotel: Best Western or similar

Day 3 Toronto

We will head to Toronto, ON and spend the day touring the city. In addition to visiting stops such as the Toronto City Hall and Casa Loma, guests may opt to take a Lake Ontario Cruise or scale the CN Tower.

Perched on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario, this historic city combines modern innovation with traditional Canadian culture and style.

  • This unique building complex is one of the most famous in Toronto, and also the home of the city's municipal government.
  • Nominated as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, this architectural achievement is perhaps Canada's most famous landmark. For a long time, it was the tallest freestanding structure in the entire world.
    Admission (Optional): Adult $43; Child (4-12 yrs) $32; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $39
  • Lake Ontario Cruises offer gorgeous views of Toronto from the waters of Lake Ontario, one of the famous Great Lakes of North America. Guests can take boat tours of the city to see its sights in a new way!
    Admission (Optional): Adult $28; Child (5-15 yrs) $18; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $28
  • Prolific businessman Sir Henry Pellatt commissioned Casa Loma in 1911 to be built as his "dream castle." The mansion took three years to complete and cost Pellatt $3.5 million dollars (almost $85 million in today's money).
    Admission (Optional): Adult $30; Child (4-13 yrs) $25; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $25
  • Just south of the CN Tower in Toronto, you will find Ripley's Aquarium, opened in 2013. It is divided into nine galleries, each themed after a specific marine environment, showcasing the diverse animals that live in each.
    Admission (Optional): Adult $36; Child (6-13 yrs) $25; Child (3-5 yrs) $11; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $25
Standard Hotel: Universal Inn or similar

Day 4 Toronto - Niagara Falls - Boston(549 miles)

We will then continue on to Niagara Falls, ON where we will take the famous Maid of the Mist boat ride, see an informational movie at the IMAX Theater, and head up the Skylon Tower. After lunch, we will travel back to Boston. We should arrive around 9:00pm. See "Departure and Return Details" for pickup and dropoff information.

Known and loved for both their power and their beauty, the Niagara Falls offer an experience unlike any other. More water tumbles down from the Niagara River every minute than any other place in the world.

  • The famous Maid of the Mist boat tour has been around since the 1800s, and is the only way to get truly up close to the falls. The boat drives right into the rapids, and has had many famous guests.
    Admission (Optional): Adult $30; Child (3-12 yrs) $18; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $30|Opening Hours: May 15 - Dec 1|Duration: Approx. 20 Minutes
  • For a bird's-eye view of the entire Niagara area, look no further than the Skylon Tower. Located on the Canadian side of the falls, this impressive tower gives guests a chance to literally see the falls from a new angle.
    Admission (Optional): Adult $16; Child (3-12 yrs) $10; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $16|Duration: Approx. 45 Minutes
  • The IMAX Theater on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is currently showing an exciting film that looks at the "daredevils" who have attempted to throw themselves over its edge and live to tell the tale.
    Admission (Optional): Adult $15; Child (6-12 yrs) $11; Senior (Over 65 yrs) $15

*Return time is an estimate and varies based on traffic and weather conditions.



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I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Rene on 2019-08-02

Great trip, I traveled with my wife, the group of people was excellent, Peter and the driver surpassed my expectations they did everything possible to make our experience unforgettable, they do have a good concept about time management, we visited Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto in four days Niagara Falls was espectacular, thank you Peter and Driver, great team, hope to see you in another trip...

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Teresa on 2019-07-24

I would recommend this tour! Tour was on July15 thru July18. We had very organized tour guide Yana and we have seen so many attractions in just four days. I may go again for this trip next year. Job well done Yana!!!

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Tina on 2019-07-21

Best trip I ever had, met the awesome tour guide, went to the beautiful place. Really like this tour.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Ivy on 2019-06-29

Kid friendly, go to the aquarium there's a under water tunnel. My kids love it and the Skylon Tower has the best view of the falls, enjoyed the lunch with the amazing view.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Jered on 2018-05-29

At first I was surprise why the tour is so cheap. Then I was more surprised of the number of places we visited during the tour. It was fun! We are planning to check your other itineraries ... and have another fun trip with Gladys your awesome guide.

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Harshad on 2017-08-08

Steven is really good to us. always running even carrying bags and in Toronto brought bag for friend who is senior. We will always recommend, who wants to travel Thanks a lot

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Brissia on 2015-07-07


I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Gharat on 2014-08-12

Met all expectations. Excellent service and great explanations. Loved it. :)

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Zhen on 2014-08-12

Love the trip. Both driver and tour guide are very nice. The Chinese/English descriptions are really good!

I recommend this tour!

Posted by: Fuccio on 2014-08-12

Anita was a very good tour guide, very patient, nice and knowledgeable about the locations. She was always a great help and made sure everyone was okay.

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